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 ***Can't wait for the Lord's Day! This Sunday, Pastor Brooks is doing triple duty AGAIN: Pray God will give him strength! 10am Bible study; Sunday 11am & 6pm; He gives his all, he is VERY busy; it isn't easy; it takes A LOT of time in study, preparation, to make sure he is ready, to preach the Word, but God is with him; he is touching hearts; it would really encourage him to have YOU come; it will be a very special time; more so IF you come! Let's set a record; have our best group yet! Invite family/friends; the journey WITH God is an amazing 1; you can't change the past, but you can make sure, from this point on, God will be 1st! Make this year the BEST ever! It can be; it will be, if you include God! Many excuses are given to miss church; let's make this Sun am & pm NO EXCUSE SUNDAY! If you come, you will be blessed; God will work mightily in your heart!
**Someone put it this way: let's say you have a 1 million dollar$/year job, and the higherups tell you: if you miss 1 more day, you will lose your job; how many excuses would be used? No doubt, close to ZERO! So use the same excuse (which is ZERO), to miss church Sun am AND PM; start attending church; EVERY Sunday/EVERY service/EVERY time the church doors are open, even Prayer meeting, make a pledge with God that you will be in church! NOTHING will keep you from coming! The exciting, Christian life starts/continues THIS Sunday!
WE ARE BACK AGAIN TO WORSHIP/FELLOWSHIP TOGETHER IN CHURCH! PRAISE THE LORD!   We are steadily getting more of our church family back each week! No doubt, God is blessing us, and our church, as we put our trust and faith in Him!  NOW, We need YOU!  God is working miracles; touching hearts! It will be an uplifting, life-changing experience! We serve an awesome, all-powerful God; He deserves our BEST, ALL the time!
SUNDAY AT 10 AM BIBLE STUDY HOUR  Pastor Brooks -   Ephesians 1:13-14 - “Blessings from God the Holy Spirit.” God the Father has chosen us, adopted us, and accepted us. God the Son has redeemed us, forgiven us, revealed God's will to us, and made us an inheritance. God the Holy Spirit has sealed us v 13; He has given us an earnest v 14. Believers are sealed the moment they hear and believe. The sealing of the Holy Spirit speaks of a finished transaction, ownership, security, and genuineness. The Holy Spirit is more than a pledge which could be returned; He is a down payment, our guarantee. The Holy Spirit is God's earnest to guarantee He will finish His work/bring us to heaven.
SUNDAY AT 11 AM MORNING WORSHIP HOUR  Pastor Brooks Goodhart -  “So Send I You!” -John 20:19-21 Sermon notes: Jn. 20 records 3 appearances of Jesus after He rose again, before He ascended to heaven. Mary Magdalene moved from tears to joy, 10 disciples moved from fear to courage, and Thomas moved from doubt to faith. News that Jesus was alive spread quickly. Jesus' disciples did not believe the reports, however, and Thomas demanded proof. Jesus rested in the tomb on the Sabbath and arose from the dead on the first day of the week. The early church met together on the first day of the week to worship the Lord and commemorate His death and resurrection. How did Jesus transform His disciples from fear to courage? He came to them, He reassured them, and He commissioned them. Jesus came to them: Jesus' first word to them was, “Peace” (Shalom). Jesus reassured them: He showed them His wounded hands and side and showed them that it was really Him, so they would never forget them. Jesus commissioned them: “As the Father has sent Me, so send I you.” Jesus was sending His disciples out into the world to represent Him. Their fears vanished. Jesus was alive!
Pastor Don Goodhart will pray; Joe Melchiore and Steve Squillace will read Scripture; Kryssa and Brad Goodhart will provide special music!

 Jesus deals w/each person’s needs differently. Mary simply needed to hear Jesus’ voice and her grief was healed. The disciples needed to experience the presence of Jesus, and receive His peace to release them from fear. Thomas needed to touch the Risen Christ. He felt he needed to put his hand in Jesus’ side before he would believe. Each of us has different needs; there is only one solution – a touch from the risen Lord!


Consider the impact of Jesus on history. Socrates taught for 40 years, Plato for 50, Aristotle for 40, and Jesus for only 3; yet the influence of Christ’s 3 year ministry is greater than the impact left by the combined 130 years of teaching from these men who were among the greatest philosophers of all time. Jesus painted no pictures; yet, some of the finest paintings of Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo DA Vinci received their inspiration from Him. Jesus wrote no poetry; but Dante, Milton, and scores of the world’s greatest poets were inspired by Him. Jesus composed no music; still Haydn, Handel, Beethoven, Bach, and Mendelssohn reached their highest perfection of melody in the music they composed in His praise. Every sphere of human greatness has been enriched by Jesus Christ.” As the centuries pass, the evidence is accumulating, that, measured by His effect on history; Jesus is the greatest genius and the most influential life, who ever lived! No one else holds or has held the place in the heart of the world which Jesus holds!


Napoleon Bonaparte: “I know men; and I tell you Jesus Christ is no mere man. Between Him and every person in the world there is no possible term of comparison. Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, and I have founded empires. But on what did we rest the creations of our genius? On force. Jesus Christ founded His empire on love; and at this hour millions of men would die for him.”

NURSERY (Coordinator: Cindy Evans) meets during the MORNING SERVICE at 11am, and at 6pm for the EVENING SERVICE!
SUNDAY EVENING AT 6 PM EVENING GOSPEL HOUR Pastor Brooks Goodhart -  “Chosen by God” - 1 Peter 1:1-2 The book of Peter is a book on hope, “A Survival Manual for Suffering Saints.”  It presents God's strategy for holding up rather than folding up in the midst of difficulties.  Peter shows us hope beyond failure. 
Wednesday - 7:00 p.m. BIBLE STUDY AND THE POWER HOURS led by Pastor Brooks Goodhart   Never underestimate the power of a praying church! Satan's concern is to keep Christians from praying; he trembles when we pray! It is a powerful nite! God is working mightily! Please make time on Wed nites to come; you will be touched! It will be an uplifting, life-changing exp! There is POWER thru PRAYER!
Prayer power is truly the greatest power in the world!..Charles Spurgeon
 “There is no problem in which prayer is not the proper response!” Dr Bob Cook      “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalms 46:10
  Remember to spend a lot of time in PRAYER for each other, our church, your pastors!   VERY IMPORTANT to pray for each other! Psalm 145:18; Prayer is the powerhouse for us, as Christians!
 Fri night 6:30pm Pastor Brooks/preaches same Sun am sermon; Anyone who wants to come, can; some attend both Fri nite and Sunday Morning!


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