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This Week at Faith Bible Church!

This Week at Faith Bible May 14, 2023 & following

THIS Sunday is MOTHER'S DAY! We are honored and privileged to have the mothers share this special day with us! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day, with family, friends, and of couse, God at the center of it! What better place to be, than in church! 


We would like to express our appreciation to the mothers that attend. We want you to know that we are honored and privileged to have you share this special day with us! During the service, Pastor Brooks will have: Dedication/Prayer for our Godly Mothers; and present them gifts!


The greatest joy for a Christian mother is in teaching her children to trust in Jesus as personal Savior. It is so very important, that your lives reflect the impact of your holy influence on your children! The character of your children depends on what you put into their hearts. What type of Christian example are you setting for them? The godly mother does things God’s way! That kind of mother deserves to be honored – not just on one special day a year, but every day! And that recognition should involve more than words. Are you allowing Christ to work in your life? Allow God to direct your steps and follow His will. Then you will have NO regrets!


Mothers are perhaps the most powerful & influential force on the face of the earth! Abraham Lincoln: "No man is poor who has a godly mother." 


Can't wait for the Lord's Day! **start attending church; EVERY Sunday/EVERY service/EVERY time the church doors are open, even Prayer meeting, make a pledge with God that you will be in church! WE NEED YOU! Plan now to DEFINITELY come! the journey WITH God is an amazing 1; you can't change the past, but you can make sure, from this point on, God will be 1st! Make this year the BEST ever! It can be; it will be, if you include God! Many excuses are given to miss church; let's make this Sunday “NO EXCUSE SUNDAY”! If you come, God will work mightily in your heart!


SUNDAY AT 11 AM MORNING WORSHIP Pastor Brooks Goodhart- SERMON: Rev. 21:22-27 Sermon Notes: Revelation 21/22 focus on Heaven, the new heaven and new earth; the Bible refers to Heaven over 500 times. Lord God Almighty/ the triune God; in eternity there will be no more sin, separation from God; Jesus is the light of the world/John 8:12; as long as we are in His presence we will have His light eternally; This holy city is a peaceful city; this city is a prosperous city; whereas gates are typically shut at night to protect the city; here the gates will be eternally open as the wicked are tormented in the Lake of fire eternally; those written in the Lamb's book of life are those who are here; there is a light at the end of the road; it may seem long and hard at times, but it is navigable by the light of the Lord.


A warning is given to those who reject the revelation of this final book of the Bible, and a double warning if anyone adds to or subtracts from it, or tampers with it. Jesus then promises He will come again. Are you ready? Are you looking for Christ’s return? A final note of grace ends the Book.

Special Video Presentation “I've read the back of the Book and we win!”

Pastor Don Goodhart and Steve Squillace will pray; Joe Melchiore and Steve Squillace will read Scripture


NURSERY (Coordinator: Cindy Evans) meets during the MORNING SERVICE 11am, 



NOTE: There will NOT be a service tonight. Enjoy a special time with your family! Remember to thank your mom, for all that she does for you; do something special for your mom! She deserves it!


Tuesday 6:30pm – Home game/W.D. Industrial Pk/1480 Metropolitan Ave; from church take Grove Rd toward WDMiddle School, 2nd left after school sign says West Deptford Park/straight to end, thru open fence, then turn left, right, right/field in back, far right, behind soccer fields


Wednesday 7pm - THE PRAYER POWER HOURS led by Pastor Brooks Goodhart We are back; PTL! Can't wait! The prayers of our church, as in NT church/Acts 12: united, persistent, definite! Never underestimate the power of a praying church, and what God can do! There is power thru PRAYER! Prayer power/truly the greatest power in the world! God hears and answers prayer! Don't worry about anything; pray about everything! Then you will experience God's peace Phil. 4:6-7 He is working miracles! NOTHING is impossible WITH God! 


Fri night 6:30pm Pastor Brooks/preaches same Sun am sermon; Anyone who wants to come, can! About 20-25 attend on Friday nights.


Missionary Sunday 4th Sunday, May 28! Our missionaries/present and former: *Rev. Jim & Barb Schreffler, retired; C. E. F. Glou. Cty, NJ Julie Riano Philippines Catherine Pierre Rosia Ma Maison Orphanage in Haiti; Brianna Golden Campus Crusade for Christ They need your prayers & support! ***There is an offering plate/missionary box in the foyer for you to give.


Who is at the center of your life? You need to make room in your heart for Jesus, NOW! The most spectacular birth in history.  The long-awaited Messiah, the Savior of the world!  Salvation is a free gift; Eternity is forever! You will spend eternity in heaven OR hell/only 2 options! It is up to you!

Pastors Brooks and Brad

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Sunday morning, Bible Study Hour at 10am


Sunday morning Worship Service at 11am*


Sunday evening Worship Service at 6pm*


*Nursery provided


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