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This Week at Faith Bible Church!

 This Week at Faith Bible

November 19, 2023 & following

I want to call every follower of Jesus Christ to put a blank check on the table with your life before God, and to say, “Whatever you want me to do, I will do. Wherever you want me to go, I will go. No strings attached!”

   We/our church really need your prayers, and financial help; church needs $2,650/wk;

We ALL need to say, not IF we can give, but HOW MUCH can we can give; it is up to YOU! It is easy to say, let someone else do it, but maybe no one else will; step out in faith! God will reward you for your sacrificial giving! We need help NOW! All yr we have gotten under $2,000 every wk; only had $2,500 in church bank account; we need increased giving; in the past some have given love gifts from the heart, which had allowed us to have a cushion, but that is now gone; if things do not change, we would go under; if it continues it would reach a critical pt;  we are trusting God to work mightily, and for big things/miracles to happen; never underestimate what God can/will do; we have faith He will tug on many/all hearts to respond in a BIG way initially & then regularly moving forward; we believe in the power of prayer; pray many give to the special offering; when big amounts are given, which a handful in the past have done; then the weekly amt needed is more within reach; it looks bleak, but WITH God we will make it! He is in control! Thank you in advance for you prayers & help! We need them, especially now!

  God wants you to live for Him, everyday; to  put Him FIRST! Never allow anyone or anything to come before Him! *Can't wait for the Lord's Day! This Sunday, pray for Pastor Brooks preaching;  Pray God will give him strength, and hearts will be touched/lives changed!  Let's set a record; have our best group yet! Invite family/friends;  Make this year the BEST ever! include God! start attending church; EVERY Sunday & Wednesday/EVERY service; make a pledge with God that you will be in church! NOTHING will keep you from coming! 


SUNDAY 11AM MORNING WORSHIP Pastor Brooks Goodhart "Handling Opposition/Threats and Intrigue" Nehemiah 6:10-19; "The Love of God"  Sermon notes: The enemy tried to stop work on the walls of Jerusalem. When attacks on people failed, they started to attack the leader, Nehemiah. The wall was completed, but not the gates. The enemy forgot the God of Nehemiah. They tried compromise and deception, and invited Nehemiah to a conference at Ono. Nehemiah declined their offer, because he knew they were lying and wanted to kill him. He was convinced of the greatness of the work God had given him to do, and the Jews had nothing in common with their enemies. They could not compromise and cooperate with them. This ch. deals with more opposition to the rebuilding of the walls and gates of Jerusalem. The enemy tried 4 tactics: Compromise vss.1-4; Slander vss. 5-9; Threats vss. 10-14; and Intrigue vss.15-19. Nehemiah was a man of integrity, but the enemy tried to attack him. Compromise in vss.1-4 was the attempted trick. Each of the enemy's attacks was subtle, and aimed at Nehemiah.  THOUGHT: When you invite the devil to join your team, expect to be defeated. The enemy then tried slander, rumors, and gossip. 3 charges or accusations: Nehemiah was planning a rebellion; he wanted to make himself king, and he was sending prophets to announce it. THOUGHT: Gossip is news you have to hurry and tell somebody before you find out it isn't true. Nehemiah denied the reports immediately; prayed to God for strength, and went back to work. 

 Pastor Don Goodhart will pray; Joe Melchiore & Steve Squillace will read Scripture



SUNDAY 6PM Pastor Brooks Goodhart – "No Regrets!" - 2 Timothy 4:6-8 Sermon Notes: How do you want to be remembered? Paul looks DOWNWARD to the grave/ PRESENT vs6 "I'm ready"; Paul looks BACKWARD on his service for the Lord/PAST vs7 "I was faithful"; Paul looks FORWARD and UPWARD to his reward and the future hope of Christ's coming (FUTURE) vs8 "I can't wait".


Wednesday 7pm  SPECIAL Thanksgiving Service for the whole family! We will show video of rebuilding our church b/c of fire in 2005; ends w/Christmas drive-thru that we had in church pkg lot; very touching, emotional time; real miracle of God putting fire out, or else church would have burned down; God was/is with us!


Thursday – Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with family and friends! Remember to thank God for all He has done for you. We have a lot to be thankful for; God has truly blessed us! Be thankful and grateful!


Fri nights 6:30pm Pastor Brooks/preaches same Sun am sermon;  All are invited! About 20-25 attend; some come Friday nite AND Sunday am


Missionary Sunday 4th Sunday of month/Nov. 26! Our missionaries need your prayers & financial support!

Coming: THIS Wed nite Nov 22 at 7pm Special Thanksgiving service for whole family Sundays in Dec – Christmas sermons by Pastor Brooks Christmas concert feat. Michael Jones Sun nite Dec 17 at 6pm; Christmas Eve serv Sun. Nite Dec 24 at 6pm


Thank you for your support; very much needed, and greatly appreciated! Many churches are closing down because not many give weekly/what they should. Your faithful, sacrificial giving allows us to meet our expenses. God speaks to hearts and the response is overwhelming! A team effort! With God ALL things are possible! God provides! Above all, PRAY! There is power thru PRAYER! Whatever you can you can give is a BIG help!  If you are not giving your tithe each week, you are disobeying God's command!   We ALL need to do our part! Give weekly, sacrificially, faithfully; make up your tithe if you miss church! If you are not giving each week, then you are disobeying God's command! We ALL need to do our part!  Giving is a COMMAND from God!


Pastors Brooks and Brad


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Sunday morning, Bible Study Hour at 10am


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Sunday evening Worship Service at 6pm*


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