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NOTE:  Sunday is MISSIONARY SUNDAY!  An offering plate will be at the door as you leave to collect money for the missionaries we support at Faith Bible, OR you can put it in the Missionary Box on the wall!  Please be generous in supporting our missionaries who are faithfully serving the Lord and sharing the gospel both here and around the world.
Eternity in heaven depends on accepting Jesus as your personal Savior! When Jesus died on the cross, He paid for your sins. The sacrifice of Christ is sufficient for all, but it is effective only for those who place their trust in Him. You either believe on Christ or you reject Him. When you die, you will spend an eternity in heaven or hell! Your eternal destiny depends on your decision. If you have never trusted in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, do not delay, you need to do it today! So, be very careful; the decision you make is very important; your eternity is at stake! It is up to YOU!!
Why attend church? Church fills a need that cannot be met in any other way! If you do not attend church faithfully, you are the one who will suffer. Your faith will fade; you will grow cold to spiritual things. You will lose interest in doing God’s will! Don’t let that happen!! There is a cost! Sorry to say, some will reach a point of no return! That is tragic! Some will reach a point, they will not want to come back. You need to be very careful; because the salvation of your husband, wife, family, friends, will be the difference, as to whether or not they get saved/eternity depends on accepting Jesus as your personal Savior!
God is blessing us, and our church, as we put our trust and faith in Him! God is working miracles; touching hearts! We have great times of worship/fellowship! We serve an awesome, all-powerful God; He deserves our BEST, ALL the time!
SUNDAY AT 10 AM BIBLE STUDY HOUR - Pastor Brooks -   John 14:1-6, 27 “Calm Words for Troubled Hearts.” Life is filled with troubles, but faith in the power and promises of God brings peace to our hearts. Jesus spoke these words the night before His death. Reasons not to be troubled: we know Jesus; He is God. There is a place Jesus has prepared for us in heaven. Jesus knew the disciples' hearts: their hurts, sorrows, grief, and pain; He sought to comfort them. Let not your heart be troubled!
SUNDAY AT 11 AM MORNING WORSHIP HOUR - Pastor Brooks -  “The Walls Came A-Tumbling Down” - Joshua 6:1-5 Sermon Notes: Joshua is perhaps the greatest man of faith to set foot on the stage of human history. Joshua the slave, the soldier, the spy, the servant, the successor. God prepared Joshua to follow Moses as the leader of His people. In the wilderness, the Israelites were a complaining people, but in the Promised Land, they were a conquering people. Joshua had gone to Jericho to come up with a battle plan to defeat Jericho, and he found himself face to face with the Commander of the Lord's army, the Lord. The Lord told Joshua to follow His plan, and He would provide victory! 3 factors in Joshua's victory over Jericho: The fear of the Lord v1; The promise of the Lord v2; The Instructions of the Lord v3-5. The fear of the Lord: News of Israel's exodus from Egypt, the crossing of the Red Sea, and their victories east of the Jordan had spread to Canaan; put fear and terror into their hearts. The promise of the Lord: The Lord promised victory to Joshua. The city, its king, and its army would fall to Israel. The instructions of the Lord: They were to march the city once each day; then 7 times on the 7th day. The walls of the city of Jericho would fall down flat.
Pastor Don Goodhart will pray; Joe Melchiore and Steve Squillace will read Scripture, and Maria Melchiore and Pastor Brad will provide special music.
NURSERY (Coordinator: Cindy Evans) meets during the morning service.
SUNDAY EVENING AT 6 PM EVENING GOSPEL HOUR Rev. George Leonard will be preaching - Study is in the Book of Romans
EVERYONE IS WELCOME to come for this special evening of singing the great hymns of the faith, fellowship, and study in the Word.

Wednesday - 7pm THE PRAYER POWER HOURS led by Pastor Brooks Goodhart The prayers of our church, as in NT church in Acts 12, are united, persistent, & definite! Never underestimate the power of a praying church! Great times of prayer! Satan's concern is to keep Christians from praying; he trembles when we pray! There is power thru PRAYER! Prayer power/truly the greatest power in the world! God hears and answers prayer! Don't worry about anything; pray about everything! Then you will experience God's peace Phil. 4:6-7 The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces results! James 5:16 Keep trusting & Keep praying! 


Elijah/a person whose prayers released God's power. Prayer ties us to the Niagara Falls of God's mighty power! Elijah is a powerful example of prayer; he prayed in faith, believing God would answer! He was persistent in prayer! He prayed earnestly! Elijah was an example of the power of prayer! We need to pray! There was a drought in Israel, both physically and spiritually. God used 1 man, Elijah, to bring the nation back to Him! Get on fire for God, and keep praying!

Fri nights 6:30pm Pastor Brooks/preaches same Sun am sermon; RECORD grp last wk - 14! Anyone who wants to come, can!


See you at church!


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