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This Week at Faith Bible Church!

COMING:   NOTE!   THIS SUNDAY afternoon, July 25 at 3pm Baptism at 1st Baptist church of Mantua: 109 Lincoln Ave Mantua NOTE: There will NOT be an Evening service

Missionary Sunday 4th Sunday of month/THIS Sunday! Our missionaries: *Rev. Jim & Barb Schreffler, C. E. F. Glou. Cty, NJ. Julie Riano Philippines Catherine Pierre Rosia Ma Maison Orphanage in Haiti; Brianna Golden Campus Crusade for Christ They need your prayers & financial support! NOTE: at the 11am service Catherine Pierre Rosia and Brianna Golden will be at our church, and share what God is doing thru them!

Sunday, August 22 Christmas in August concert 6 p.m. Featuring Michael Jones; plus: flute, cello, tuba, mens chorus, vocal solos/duets


Plan now to attend; invite family and friends! 
  ***Can't wait for the Lord's Day! This Sunday, Pastor Brooks is doing triple duty AGAIN: Pray God will give him strength! 10am Bible study; Sunday 11am & 3pm/Baptism message & BAPTISMS; He gives his all, he is VERY busy; it isn't easy; it takes A LOT of time in study, preparation, to make sure he is ready, to preach the Word, but God is with him; hard work pays off! He is touching hearts/lives; it would really encourage him to have YOU come; it will be a very special time; more so IF you come! Let's set a record; have our best group yet! Invite family/friends; the journey WITH God is an amazing 1; you can't change the past, but you can make sure, from this point on, God will be 1st! Make this year the BEST ever! It can be; it will be, if you include God!  Start attending church; EVERY Sunday & Wednesday/EVERY service/EVERY time the church doors are open, even Prayer meeting; make a pledge with God that you will be in church! NOTHING will keep you from coming! The exciting, Christian life starts/ continues THIS Sunday!
WE ARE BACK AGAIN TO WORSHIP/FELLOWSHIP TOGETHER IN CHURCH! PRAISE THE LORD!   We are steadily getting more of our church family back each week! Record attendances are being broken! PTL! No doubt, God is blessing us, and our church, because we have taken a stand for Him/no room for compromise!  God is working mightily; touching hearts! It will be an uplifting, life-changing experience! We serve an awesome, all-powerful God; He deserves our BEST, ALL the time! I often wonder what it will take to get Christians to do what God wants!
SUNDAY AT 10 AM BIBLE STUDY HOUR  Pastor Brooks Goodhart - Ephesians 3:14-21 “Paul's Prayer for the Whole Family of God” Note Paul's posture in prayer - “I bow my knees” - This must have been quite an experience for the Roman soldier chained to the apostle Paul! Paul prays for the whole family of God, all Christians. Spiritual power – Since Paul has been talking about suffering, this is why he begins his prayer with a request, that the believers at Ephesus be strengthened by God's Spirit. We need God's strength every day and in every circumstance of life. That Christ may dwell (be at home) in our hearts, That believers may be rooted (botanical) and grounded (architectural) in love, That believers may grasp (mentally) the fullest dimensions of Christ's love (vastness of this love), That the believers might know the love of Christ. The result of all this is Fullness: Paul prays that we will be filled forever as God, out of His infinite power, increasingly pours Himself into us, so that we are controlled and dominated by God.
SUNDAY 11 AM MORNING WORSHIP HOUR - Pastor Brooks Goodhart “Missions: Operation World” Matthew 9:36-38 Sermon notes: To reach the world with the gospel, we must do three things: See As Jesus Saw, Feel As Jesus Felt, and Do As Jesus Did. The central purpose and mission of every Christian is to tell others about Jesus, the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ and His shed blood at Calvary. When Jesus saw people, He saw their desperate spiritual needs, lost and going to a Christless eternity in hell. He was moved with compassion (He cared). He felt their hurts because they were weary (troubled, worn out, exhausted) and scattered (helpless, neglected, abandoned). What must we do most of all? Pray! The primary problem is that the spiritual workers are few. God has given us prayer, so we can call headquarters for everything we need to advance the kingdom of God in this world of sin and evil.
Pastor Don Goodhart will pray; Joe Melchiore and Steve Squillace will read Scripture; Maria Melchiore, Kryssa Goodhart, and Pastor Brad  will provide Special Music
NURSERY (Coordinator: Cindy Evans) meets during the MORNING SERVICE at 11am, and at 6pm for the EVENING SERVICE!
SUNDAY AFTERNOON 3 PM Pastor Brooks Goodhart -“Bible Baptism” (Believers' Baptism) – Matthew 28:19 Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. Jesus commanded it. Baptism is an important doctrine in the Word of God. The method of baptism that the Bible teaches is by immersion, not sprinkling or pouring. The meaning of baptism – it pictures the saving work of Jesus Christ (the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ) and our death, burial, and resurrection with Him. The motive for baptism – Baptism shows that we have a new master, that we believe in Jesus Christ, and we are not ashamed of Him. Baptism preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ without saying a word. Jesus commanded us to be baptized after we are saved. We must not minimize what Jesus emphasized.
SPECIAL BAPTISM SERVICE at 1st Baptist church of Mantua: 109 Lincoln Ave Mantua We need YOU; invite FRIENDS & FAMILY!  PLEASE COME!
NOTE: There will NOT be an Evening service     
Wednesday - 7:00 p.m. BIBLE STUDY AND THE POWER HOURS led by Pastor Brooks Goodhart   Never underestimate the power of a praying church! Satan's concern is to keep Christians from praying; he trembles when we pray! It is a powerful nite! God is working mightily! Please make time on Wed nites to come; you will be touched! It will be an uplifting, life-changing exp! There is POWER thru PRAYER!
Prayer power is truly the greatest power in the world!..Charles Spurgeon
“There is no problem in which prayer is not the proper response!” Dr Bob Cook      “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalms 46:10
Remember to spend a lot of time in PRAYER for each other, our church, your pastors!   VERY IMPORTANT to pray for each other! Psalm 145:18; Prayer is the powerhouse for us, as Christians!
Fri night 6:30pm Pastor Brooks/preaches same Sun am sermon; Anyone who wants to come, can; some attend both Fri nite and Sunday Morning!  20-25 attend/PTL! 
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